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FINE POOLS - Weekly Pool Cleaning & Repair — Van Nuys

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Fine Pools


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Los Angeles County Certified Pool Technician

Tech # T5176   -   License # 2099535



Professional pool technician experienced in

treating residential & commercial pools





- pH

- Total Alkalinity

- Calcium Hardness

- Stabilizer

- Free Chlorine

- Combined Chlorine

- Bromine (if so equipped)

- Salt (if so equipped)

- Total Dissolved Solids

- Metals



** Very few service company's test for these water

components in order to save time and to cut costs. We

take the time and spend the money to perform these

tests in order to provide you with superior water quality.





-  Check and Balance all Chemicals


-  Backwash Filter


-  Empty Pump Pot


-  Empty Skimmer Baskets


-  Skim Water Surface


-  Brush Pool Walls & Tile


-  Vacuum Pool


-  D.E. Filter Cleans


Keeping up with your pool filtration system is a very important

part of maintaining a healthy pool.


We recommend disassembly of filters at least twice a year. Most

often we suggest this be done once in early spring and once in

mid to late fall. By doing so, many potential problems and costly

repair bills can be avoided.


Free Estimates


Estimates to correct your pool problem are free and

can most often be done by the next business day.

We'll make them as accurate as possible and in most

cases guaranteed. Advice is always free, it's just a

phone call away.


Areas We Service


We service the San Fernando Valley Area in the

Los Angeles County. On occasion we will make

exceptions, so please don't hesitate to call. If you're

close to the San Fernando Valley Area there's a good

chance we can help. Call today.




  • Van Nuys, California, United States
  • P.O. Box 16062, Encino, Ca 91416
  • 8188040234
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